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Counting the Benefits of Blogging

January 4, 2010 in Blogging for SEO, Search Engine Optimization

For business today, this facet of social media marketing offers you some incredible advantages. Don’t discount just how much you can gain as a blogger.
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A lot of people who don’t use the Internet a great deal don’t understand what this blogging thing is all about. It isn’t just a way for venting about politics or sharing geek discoveries. When properly applied, the benefits of blogging for business will be a pleasant surprise to those who have not started communicating with their waiting public.
Blogs can take on any topic and cover it in depth and in a customized fashion. One of the benefits of blogging for business is that it becomes your personal media channel for current and perspective clients. Here you want to share great information and wield it as a learning tool. The more you can teach people about the benefits and usefulness of the products or services your business offers, the more ROI can fall into your lap. The better planned and fine tuned your marketing strategy through free information is, the more converting visitors you will see.
From the organic search results shopper, the benefits of blogging for business is that it tells them all about what they can expect from becoming your customer. While this might sound a bit unpredictable, it is has proven to show up traditional sales methods by a long shot. It is a form of permission based marketing practiced with a soft glove approach. Many business owners are so busy running their business; they have the idea that people use the Internet just for shopping. Not anymore!
Today’s consumer makes all their purchasing decisions for work or home based on their comfort level with a particular business and the relevancy the product holds to their needs or desires. It isn’t always the lowest price that really clinches a sales deal. While everyone wants to get a great price, no one wants to wind up with the wrong thing or one of inferior quality. This is where the benefits of blogging for business come into play. By educating your audience, you are introducing them to everything your stuff can do for them. It helps you to sort out plain traffic from traffic that converts, without great information you will find converting even huge visitor counts to sales.

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